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Xylazine: An Emerging Threat and What You Need to Know

Most of us have probably heard something in the news about Xylazine. The powerful veterinary sedative and anesthetic, often referred to as “Tranq” on the street, is becoming more commonly abused across the US. In this recorded live session, Chief Product Officer, Eric Malis, will talk about why this is important, things you should know, and what you can do to detect use and help fight this new emerging threat. 

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New Test Option on the Horizon

New Test Option on the Horizon

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know I try to keep my topics educational. However, sometimes something new and interesting on the horizon is worthy of its own announcement, if only to determine if anyone else is excited about the potential as we are. In fact, more than ever, we would love to have feedback from you on the potential usefulness of this new test.

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The Importance of Hydrocodone and Clonazepam Specific Panels

The Importance of Hydrocodone and Clonazepam Specific Panels

If you’ve watched our “Understanding the Limitations of Drug Testing” webinar or have had conversations with me about that subject, you’ve heard me talk about substances that many people expect to be detected on the tests they are using, but actually are not.  An excellent example of this that we are all hopefully familiar with is Fentanyl.

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State of Designer Opioids

The state of designer opioids is an ever changing landscape. When it comes to powerful street drugs such as designer opioids it is important to understand what is being produced and what to look out for. Chief Product Officer takes a deep dive into understanding current trends of designer opioids.

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