Our brand of Integrated Test Cups, DrugSURE™, are the highest quality Point-of-Care diagnostic instant drug screen tests on the market.  This drug screen test is great for an all-in-one solution capable of testing for up to 16 different drugs at once. 

High Quality

Easy to Administer Easy to Read

Results in Minutes

Portable & Disposable

FDA Approved


12-18 Month Shelf Life

Temperature Strip to Ensure Validity

Customize (up to 16 panels)

Why use Integrated Cups?

Integrated drug testing cups are the most popular method to collect and test urine samples. National Test Systems offers an array of easy to administer, multi-panel cups ranging from 5 to 12 panels with the ability to customize cups with up to 14 panels. Integrated cups reduce the chance of contact with the urine specimen, making them a cleaner, safer alternative to other methods of drug testing. Our cups require no tilting, tipping or external “key” so it is as simple as “fill and read.” Built with an affixed temperature strip, our cups also have an improved gasket to prevent leakage which is critically important when sending the specimen to the lab for confirmation.


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How to Use Our Integrated Cup Test

Adulteration Color Chart Comparison

Cut-Off Levels & Window of Detection

DRUG CUT-OFF  WOD Certification
Alcohol (ETG) 300, 500ng/mL Up to 80 hrs. Forensic Use Only
Amphetamines (AMP) 1000ng/mL 2 hr. - 4 Days FDA CLIA-Waived (500, 1000)
Bariturates (BAR) 300ng/mL 2 hr. - 7 Days FDA CLIA-Waived (300)
Bath Salts (MDPV) 1000 24 - 48 hr. Varies on Dosage Forensic Use Only
Benzodiazepines (BZO) 300, 200ng/mL 2 hr. - 7 Days FDA CLIA-Waived (300)
Buprenorphine (BUP) 10ng/mL 1 - 3 Days FDA CLIA-Waived
Cocaine (COC) 150ng/mL 1 hr. - 4 Days FDA CLIA-Waived 
Ecstacy (MDMA) 500ng/mL 2 hr. - 4 Days FDA CLIA-Waived 
Fentanyl (FEN) 300ng/mL 2 hr. - 4 Days Forensic Use Only
Gabapentin (GAB) Forensic Use Only
Heroin (6-MAM) 10ng/mL 24 hr. Forensic Use Only
Marijuana (THC) 50, 25ng/mL 2 hr. - 40 Days FDA CLIA-Waived (50)
Methadone (MTD) 200, 300ng/mL 1 hr. - 3 Days FDA CLIA-Waived
Methadone Metabolite (EDDP) 100, 300ng/mL 1 hr. - 3 Days FDA CLIA-Waived (100)
Methamphetamines (mAMP) 300, 500 - 1000ng/mL 2 hr. - 4 Days FDA CLIA-Waived (500, 1000)
Morphine (MOP) 100, 200, 300ng/mL 2 hr. - 4 Days FDA CLIA-Waived (300)
Opiates (OPI) 2000ng/mL 2 hr. - 4 Days FDA CLIA-Waived
Oxycodone (OXY) 100ng/mL 2 hr. - 4 Days FDA CLIA-Waived
Phencyclidine (PCP) 25ng/mL 4 hrs. - 14 Days FDA CLIA-Waived
Propoxyphene (PPX) 300ng/mL 1 hr. - 3 Days FDA CLIA-Waived
Synthetic Marijuana (K2) 25, 50ng/mL Up to 72 hrs. Forensic Use Only
Tramadol (TRA) 100, 200ng/mL 1 hr. - 2 Days Forensic Use Only
Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) 1000ng/mL 2-10 Days FDA CLIA-Waived

*Window of detection times will vary based dosage,  frequency of use and physical factors of the user

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