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Healthcare includes all facets of addiction medicine and all stages of recovery. Their needs are often different than the needs of the criminal justice system or those or the employment sector. They can differ from one setting to another or their differences can be seen based upon their geographical location. We have a wide range of options to satisfy CLIA and JCAHO requirements, as well as options to satisfy your specific needs for your patients and clients. National Test Systems offers both dip cards and integrated cups that can test up to 14 drugs and we can include adulteration detection to ensure specimen validity. If you need certain standards met, we can customize a device for you in order for you to meet the specific needs of your facility.


National Test Systems can provide Government Agencies with all their drug testing program requirements while ensuring compliance is met. Government drug testing is often mandated and utilized by many organizations such as, military, police departments, probation and parole, fire departments among others. We provide drug screening solutions that are required by Government agencies,  including urine and saliva test kits, instant and laboratory testing and tests for substances like fentanyl and the alcohol metabolite, ETG, which has an 80 hour window of detection.


Most Government agencies are mandated to maintain and perform routine drug testing programs. Government jobs come with great responsibility as they are being paid with Taxpayers money, they need to uphold a standard of a safe and drug free work environment. Some government jobs, especially military, and other high risk jobs, need to make sure that everyone is focused at the tasks at hand which are often complicated or dangerous and ensuring that someone is not jeopardizing the safety or integrity of the organization by using drugs is of utmost importance.

Some agencies we work with include:

  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • Municipal Governments
  • Federal Prisons
  • State Prisons
  • Probation and Parole
  • County Jails
  • Detention Centers
  • Child & Family Services
  • Government Contractors

Drug Courts

Being able to work with drug courts gives us great satisfaction as we strongly believe in the benefits they provide. Taking the time to know all the facets and moving parts involved in drug court programs has solidified our expertise in the industry. National Test Systems works hard to know the specific needs of each client and we understand the complexities of running an efficient drug testing program. We pay attention to every detail of every step along the way making sure that you always have what you need, when you need it, all while staying compliant with all regulations.  Working with National Test Systems will ensure that all of  your diagnostic testing needs will be met with unmatched customer support so that you can worry about what really matters.

Drug Courts Reduce Crime

  • Nationwide, 75% of Drug Court graduates remain arrest-free at least two years after leaving the program.
  • Rigorous studies examining long-term outcomes of individual Drug Courts have found that reductions in crime last at least 3 years and can endure for over 14 years.
  • The most rigorous and conservative scientific “meta-analyses” have all concluded that Drug Courts significantly reduce crime as much as 45 percent more than other sentencing options.


Drug Courts Save Money

  • Nationwide, for every $1.00 invested in Drug Court, taxpayers save as much as $3.36 in avoided criminal justice costs alone.
  • When considering other cost offsets such as savings from reduced victimization and healthcare service utilization, studies have shown benefits range up to $27 for every $1 invested.
  • Drug Courts produce cost savings ranging from $3,000 to $13,000 per client. These cost savings reflect reduced prison costs, reduced revolving-door arrests and trials, and reduced victimization.


Drug Courts Ensure Compliance

  • Unless substance abusing/addicted offenders are regularly supervised by a judge and held accountable, 70% drop out of treatment prematurely.
  • Drug Courts provide more comprehensive and closer supervision than other community-based supervision programs.
  • Drug Courts are six times more likely to keep offenders in treatment long enough for them to get better.


Drug Courts Restore Families

  • Parents in Family Drug Court are twice as likely to go to treatment and complete it.
  • Children of Family Drug Court participants spend significantly less time in out-of-home placements such as foster care.
  • Family re-unification rates are 50% higher for Family Drug Court participants.

Rehabilitation & Behavioral Health

According to the National Institute  on Drug Abuse, addiction is classified as relapsing brain disease. Someone suffering from addiction undergoes changes in the brain which effect the structure and function, leading to compulsive drug seeking behavior and use. People affected from addiction often continue this behavior knowing that the consequences can be harmful or even fatal. Treatment centers are facilities that can provide the proper treatment and environment for those suffering from this detrimental disease. Councilors and Therapist spend countless hours helping people manage their addictions so they can live a more fulling and enjoyable life. These programs are tailored specifically to people with addictions and administering Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic drug screening is an extremely helpful way of monitoring and ensuring that patients stay on the path to a drug free life.

National Test Systems can provide a variety of custom testing options that will be sure to suite you specific needs and more. Our service does not stop after you receive your tests. We pride ourselves on the ability to give superior client support in all aspects of your operation. The expertise we provide can help you and your facility get the proper testing equipment as well as unmatched support. When operating a Treatment Center, we know understanding the many different types of test, how they work, and how to administered them, are the last things you need to worry about. Please give us the opportunity to show the value we add by making your life easier and in turn, your patient’s life better.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Use Instant Tests?

Rapid diagnostic tests, or “instant” testing, is a cost effective and accurate way to get quick, preliminary results in a range of point-of-care settings. Whether it be for drugs of abuse, infectious disease, or fertility and wellness testing, DrugSure™ rapid diagnostic test devices can deliver quick and accurate results in minutes.

Do I need Lab Testing Services?

Rapid diagnostic testing DOES NOT eliminate the need for lab testing services BUT they do minimize it. There will always be certain situations where a confirmatory lab test is a necessary step after receiving a preliminary test result. NTS has an expansive lab network offering the services you will need when an instant test just is not enough.

What is the detection window in Urine tests Compared to Saliva tests?

The window of detection is an extreamely important aspect to consider when performing instant diagnostic testing epecially when testing for drugs of abuse. Urine typically will have a longer window of detetion than saliva ranging from a few days to weeks to even up to a month with certain substances like THC, but there are many factors that play a role in determining a substances’ window of detection when using a urine specimen. The age, weight, and frequency and volume of consumption of the patient as well as the substance itself. Salvia specimens, while having accurate detection, will typically only have a window of detection of 24-48 hours after last use.

Do I need to use CLIA-Waived Tests?

Depending on the type of program, you may need to use CLIA-Waived test devices. CLIA regulatory requirements vary according to the kind of test(s) each laboratory conducts. Tests are categorized as waived, moderate complexity or high complexity. With respect to CLIA applicability, the CLIA regulations do not differentiate between facilities performing provider-ordered testing and those performing non-provider-ordered testing. All facilities that meet the definition of a “laboratory” under the CLIA statute and regulations must obtain an appropriate CLIA certificate prior to conducting patient testing. Whether a test service is billed to Medicare has no bearing on CLIA applicability. Please review our CLIA information here or call us to chat with an expert.

What Does FUO Mean?

FUO stands for Forensic Use Only and are testing devices that have not been waived by CLIA or cleared by the FDA. FUO tests can be used in criminal justice and law enforcement settings. Contact one of our experts for more information.

Can I choose which substances I want to test for?

Yes, we do offer customized testing options. Speak with a representative to get your customized testing device and hand pick the substances that best fit your testing program. Lead times may vary due to availability and production.

Which Test is Right for my is right for my testing program?

After speaking with an NTS expert you will know exactly what you should and just as importantly, what you shouldn’t be testing for. We make it our mission to understand your testing needs so that you are being as cost efficient as possible.

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