New Test Option on the Horizon

New Test Option on the Horizon

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know I try to keep my topics educational. However, sometimes something new and interesting on the horizon is worthy of its own announcement, if only to determine if anyone else is excited about the potential as we are. In fact, more than ever, we would love to have feedback from you on the potential usefulness of this new test.

Just landed on my desk is an early version of an instant test that uses hair follicle as the specimen!

In the past, hair testing was only available via laboratory testing. The lab testing for hair is generally expensive and limited in which substances it can detect. The potential to have an instant POC (point of care) hair test will counter both of these shortcomings. While we do not have a price-point for these yet, we anticipate a cost not much higher than oral fluids tests, far from the cost of the laboratory version. Also, while most laboratories who even offer hair testing are only testing for five basic drug classes or so; no Fentanyl, no Alcohol, not even Benzodiazepines are being offered for screening by most laboratories performing hair testing. Early information indicates that the instant version would have the potential to detect any substance where there is already a urine test version available.

There is one other reason hair follicle testing remains less-popular than urine testing, and that is the window of detection. To learn more about the different specimen types, please read my previous blog post on the topic here. I will summarize here: while in urine we detect substances used within the past few days or weeks, depending on the substance, substances in hair follicle specimens are detected for 10-90 days. In other words, it will take about 10 days for a substance to begin to be detected (onset) and will be detectable for about 90 days after (outset). This window of detection does not work well for every setting.

There are a few other benefits of hair testing. One being that there is no need for same-sex collectors or even a bathroom. Another would be that it is almost impossible to adulterate a hair specimen. No more “shy bladder” excuses for producing a specimen is also a bonus of hair testing.

In the coming weeks I will be testing the early version that I have here and will be documenting my process and my results, and will post a full report of the testing process from start to finish.

In the meantime, as I mentioned, we would love to hear from you: Is this something that would be useful or not? Please reach out to me or your consultant and share your thoughts.


A Huge End of the Year Thank You!

A Huge End of the Year Thank You!

As 2019 draws to a close, and while visions of sugar plums dance in our heads, we at National Test Systems want to take a moment to reflect on what an incredible year we’ve had, and to thank you tremendously for being a part of it.

This year was a big push with regards to our NTS University program. We’ve had the pleasure of spending afternoons with hundreds of you who, like me, are looking to expand your wealth of knowledge to make your daily drug testing duties a little easier (or like I always say, “at least a little more insightful”). We truly hope you have enjoyed the experience as much as we have. So, if you have taken time out of your busy schedules this year to read our blog, attend (or watch the recording of) one of our webinars, or participate in a live training session, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts – we hope you have found this information beneficial.

We had some other exciting milestones this year. The release of one of the first reliable Kratom instant tests on the market is certainly a stand-out moment. We’ve also added tests for Gabapentin and others in 2019. We’ve refined the quality of our instant dips and cups even further this year, boasting some of the highest precision and accuracy in the industry. We’ve fine-tuned our order processing and shipping processes, allowing us unprecedented accuracy in getting you the products that you ordered, and in a timely fashion. We have even added more laboratory options to better suit the individual needs of your company or program. While not every step was a monumental leap, sometimes it is the smaller steps that can make all the difference.

The bottom line: none of this would be possible without you. Without your feedback, your guidance, your engagement, and your caring. Without all the help you have provided for us, we would have been unable to grow and to live up to everything that you need us to be. Because of this, we want to offer you a huge THANK YOU for your support.

So, from all of us, to all of you, have a very Happy New Year…let’s make 2020 the best one yet!