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Abused Prescription Drugs That We Often Overlook

In this installment of our NTS University Educational Webinar series, we will discuss prescription drugs that may not be on your radar as drugs of abuse, but should be. Join our Chief Product Officer, Eric Malis, to make sure you are aware of these, sometimes “overlooked”, drugs of abuse.

Adulterants: Are You Testing a Valid Specimen?

Are you testing a valid specimen? The answer may surprise you!
We will discuss the myriad of methods people will use to “beat” a drug test, and also the tools you have at your disposal to combat this.
Make sure you are testing a valid specimen! Click this post to view the recorded live webinar.

Emerging Drug Trends: What to Watch For

Join Eric Malis, Chief Product Officer here at National Test Systems, for another installment to our “NTS-U” webinar series. This time we will cover current and emerging drug trends with a focus on, “designer” or, “synthetic” drugs and their affects on the drug testing industry. Click this post to view the live recorded webinar.

Alcohol and EtG Testing

This is our second installment to the NTS-U Educational Webinar Series. We are committed to delivering useful and necessary information in an effort to provide insight and resources for industry trends and topics. In this episode we will cover all things Alcohol, EtG, and Testing: What you should know, but may not. Click this post to view the live recorded webinar.

Fentanyl: What You May Not Know

This is Episode 1 of our educational Web Series. All episodes are recorded live and hosted by our Chief Product Officer, Eric Malis. Don’t miss out on the next live episode and make sure to register to reserve your spot for the opportunity to join the discussion. We are always striving to do better and your feedback is always something we take to heart. Please give us your comments so we can be sure we are covering all the topics you want to know more about. Click this post to view the live recorded webinar.

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