What is Addiction?

According to the National Institute  on Drug Abuse, addiction is classified as relapsing brain disease.  Someone suffering from addiction undergoes changes in the brain which effect the structure and function, leading to compulsive drug seeking behavior and use.  People affected from addiction often continue this behavior knowing that the consequences can be harmful or even fatal.  Treatment centers are facilities that can provide the proper treatment and environment for those suffering from this detrimental disease.  Councilors and Therapist spend countless hours helping people manage their addictions so they can live a more fulling and enjoyable life.  These programs are tailored specifically to people with addictions and administering Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic drug screening is an extremely helpful way of monitoring and ensuring that patients stay on the path to a drug free life.


Addiction in America…



How NTS can Help?

 National Test Systems can provide a variety of different testing options that will be sure to suite you specific program needs and more.  Our service does not stop after you receive your tests.  We pride ourselve on the ability to give superiour client support in all aspects of your operation.  The expertise we provide can help you and your facilty get the proper testing equipment as well as 24 hr support.  When operating a Treatment Center, we know that worrying about types of test, how they work, and how they are administered are the last thing you need to worry about.  Please give us the opportunity to show the value we add by making your life easier and in turn the pateints life better.


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