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CBD Products Causing THC Positives?

CBD Products Causing THC Positives?

The question I am getting most frequently these days is whether CBD oil and other CBD products can cause a positive result on the THC panel. Let’s dig in a little to see what CBD is supposed to be, and what it often is.

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Fentanyl Exposure – Myth vs. Reality

We have all heard stories about people (first responders, law enforcement, etc.) coming into contact with Fentanyl; in some cases, causing ill effects and worry of overdose. But does Fentanyl even work that way? Read on as we separate myth from truth regarding Fentanyl exposure.

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National Test Systems Presents NTS-U: An Educational Experience Tailored for You

One of many new initiative that we plan to role out in the up coming months is our educational experience, NTS-U. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the resources they need in order to manage and operate any size testing program in any industry. We are positioning ourselves as a true consultant, from product training, best practices, compliance to a knowledge stand point, National Test Systems will have you and your facility operating at it’s max potential. We also understand that each customer’s needs are different and will do our best to custom tailor your education experience.

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New Management, New Look, Same Great Company: The Story of National Test Systems

National Test Systems has been a trusted provider of instant test solutions for over 20 years and was founded with a passion for helping people. That same passion remains a core value of the new Management team and the mission remains to provide superior customer service and support while upholding the standard of product quality that has made National Test Systems so great, now with a revamped new look.

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